Mindy’s Story

In 2003, my life changed. At that time, I was experiencing debilitating back pain, skin problems, severe digestive issues and was overweight. I had tried all kinds of standard treatments and was left feeling frustrated and hopeless. At 23 years old, I thought my lack of health was a lifetime sentence.

As a last resort, I started getting acupuncture treatments. After a few months of regular treatments, my skin cleared up, my digestion problems were gone, and my back pain improved. I couldn’t believe what big changes came from those tiny needles! My acupuncturist taught me about the energetics of food, and helped me change my diet to further support my weight loss goals. The powerful transformations that happened to me inspired me to learn Chinese Medicine and help others transform their lives.

I am deeply committed to helping you achieve your health goals. During every treatment, I give you my full attention. Each visit, I create a highly unique and individual treatment, tailored to your specific needs. I strive to bring the highest quality care and bring a sense of compassion, availability and heart into the treatment room.

Mindy Rohrbacher, AP
Acupuncture Physician

3463 NW 13th Street
Suite C
Gainesville, FL
(352) 362-7615