"I am deeply committed to helping you achieve your health goals. During every treatment, I give you my full attention, allowing for a highly unique and individual treatment, tailored to your specific needs. I strive to bring the highest quality care and bring a sense of compassion, availability and heart into the treatment room."

Why I Became An Acupuncture Physician ►

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Mindy has been such a wonderful part to my shoulder/mind/body recovery. She takes the initiative to go above and beyond to help me get right. I started going to Mindy for a shoulder injury and acupuncture really helped relax my shoulder. Aside from acupuncture, the cupping treatment was extraordinary! I absolutely love going to Mindy for preventative/any headache, body ache, stress relief, etc. Basically, I love going! She is genuine, sweet, and caring. Mindy is the best around!

I have seen Mindy on and off for about 5 years. Each time I see her, we haven’t missed a beat since the previous visit. She lends the listening ear and knowledgeable consideration of a close friend. Our sessions center around stress-related skin inflammation that responds immediately to Mindy’s intuitive and intelligent treatments. The openness that Mindy’s kind presence engenders has helped me understand my illness and, most importantly, what I can do to effect change for myself.

I have 4 fused vertebrae, 2 cadaver bones & a titanium cage in my neck from car accidents. I use pro-adjuster chiropractic treatments, massage and this wonderful lady Mindy at Radiant Life Acupuncture. Mindy has turned my life around and she is so much more than just an Acupuncture Physician and Health Coach. She has made magical differences in my body. Thank God for wonderful people like Mindy that can read your bodies needs by touch. My life is so much better with Mindy in it!


Mindy is an incredibly intuitive and empathic practitioner, I feel profoundly nourished after each of our sessions. I would greatly recommend Radiant Life to anyone needing pain relief and/or wanting a significantly more radiant quality of life! A magical experience every session!



I have seen Mindy a few times for acupuncture during some emotional times in my
life. I was struggling with anxiety and sought help. Each time I saw her, she made
me feel relaxed and at peace. She exudes warmth, kindness, and intelligence. I can
tell that she genuinely cares about healing people, and she seems to have a natural
inclination toward it.



Mindy provides holisitic and dedicated care to her clients. She has created a welcoming and comfortable environment that feels like home and I look forward to visiting her regularly.  Mindy has helped me to maintain good physical and emotional health by providing individualized treatments that she adapts to my needs from one visit to the next.  I sincerely value her as a caregiver and trust her completely with my health.





I thought about seeing an acupuncturist for a long time, but never took the time. I finally decided to try it out and visited Mindy several months ago for fertility and reproductive health issues. I am happy to say that, since I began treatments, I have experienced major improvements in my reproductive health. Seeing Mindy has positively changed other things in addition to improvements in my health: I have started eating more healthily and changed many lifestyle habits for the better.

Mindy is a sweet and sincere practitioner. I really feel heard when I discuss physical and emotional health issues I face. Receiving acupuncture has become a highlight of my week!

Meeting Mindy in Oct 2011 was probably the most wonderful thing that happened to me last year. I not only gained a great new friend, but a true professional–excellent massage therapist and acupuncturist. 2011 presented me with far too many changes—and my body, spirit and mind weren’t healthy enough to cope with it all. I became very sick, wasn’t feeling myself nor “whole”. Met Mindy during a therapeutic massage session at a retreat–we immediately connected and had a good talk. As we talked and I explained all I was going through, Mindy introduced me to Five Element Acupuncture and what it could do for me. I AM SO GLAD I LISTENED! Almost immediately, Mindy and I started meeting regularly–and the Five Element Acupuncture healing process began. By the third treatment session I could feel and see the positive changes Five Element Acupuncture was bringing into my life–I am blessed having Mindy as a friend and more importantly, as a caring healer who continues nurturing me back to health and balance so I can live a happier and fuller life. I highly recommend Five Element Acupuncture for healing and well-being so we all can find balance and harmony in our lives.

M.R. patient

I feel infinitely privileged to be Mindy’s client. Mindy provides such a welcoming space that gives clarity to my inner considerations. Her approach treatment is with a comforting transparency and accuracy that yields tangible results that have been instrumental in my development and awareness.

L.M. patient

I came to Mindy’s office because I was feeling both a physical and an emotional stagnation. During my consultation, I felt she had a genuine interest in helping me heal. She honed in on my specifics that could be causing my problems, almost as if she had a sixth sense! After only a few treatments, my mental clarity began to return and I began to gain a new sense of physical strength. Mindy suggested dietary changes that may also be effective in my healing, which I have put into use with great results. She is so knowledgeable about total well being and is professional in her manner, yet you feel as if you’re with a longtime friend. On another positive note, her office has a serene and peaceful feeling that seems to “call you back” again and again.

KTR patient

My experience receiving acupuncture from Mindy felt nourishing. Mindy tunes into the finest of details and tailored the session around exactly where I was, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The sessions I received were very powerful and pivotal in my health. I developed a high level of trust and appreciation for Mindy as an acupuncture physician and respect the deep integrity that she brings to this healing art.

S.B. patient

My experience with Mindy has been wonderful, and very pleasant. Her knowledge and her treatments meet my expecations. Thanks to her professionalism and her good advice, my health has improved 100%. My emotional stability and the control of handling my troubles has been surpassed. She inspires confidence. I love my practitioner.

O.C. patient